Layer - Artinox Sinks
Layer - Artinox Sinks


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When design meets functionality: This brand new sink with steps for accessories to slide seamlessly along allows you to utilise the sink as an extra workspace and acts as an extension of your bench top. 

Dimensions (mm): 

BRL 50: Outer- 540x510x226 | Bowl: 420x410

BRL 74: Outer-  780x510x226 | Bowl: 660x410

BRL 104: Outer- 1080x510x230 | Bowl: 960x410

BRP 50: Outer-  540x510x210 | Bowl: 500x350

BRP 74:  Outer-  780x510x210 | Bowl: 740x350

BRP 86:  Outer-  860x510x210 | Bowl: 810x350

BRP 104:  Outer-  1080x510x226 | Bowl: 1040x350

SBR 50: Outer-  540x450x210 | Bowl: 500x350

BRP 74: Outer-  780x450x210 | Bowl: 740x350

BRP 104: Outer-  1080x450x210 | Bowl: 1040x350